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It’s showtime in the kitchen


Chefclub, “The eatertainment brand”, is a digital cooking brand founded in Paris in 2016 by Thomas, Jonathan and Axel, the Lang brothers. The brand has grown rapidly worldwide through the production and distribution of spectacular cooking videos shown on social media.

Our mission is to transform the kitchen into a space of sharing and fun through the creation of entertaining, inspiring and accessible content, products and services.

Chefclub’s unique positioning between cooking and entertainment resonates well beyond the sphere of cooking enthusiasts: with more than 1 billion organic views each month and 80 million followers, Chefclub is the fastest growing brand in the world of social media.

With more than 500k books sold, Chefclub is building the most beloved food brand in the world so, join the club!


Target: all ages


January 30, 2020


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