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Made with Love


After being inspired by the Renaskigi philosophy and its ethical approach to the Planet, Rosebonbon® was created and gave life to 6 really cute characters for a children’s musical project for Sony Music International.

You can meet Mina Bailarina, Rita Laranja, Pedro Pim, Saroca Laroca, Tita Princesa and Maria Mágica in our musical videos and hum along and although they are in portuguese, music is the language of the heart, so we are sure you’ll be able to understand everything! 🙂

Each character has a little story and was created based on the Renaskigi philosophy of creating a better planet, respecting Nature in all of its forms and spreading the love and magic that we each carry inside..

We want the children (and mommies!) to carry the magic with them everywhere they go through our unique lovemade designs! And, most of all, to have fun!


January 19, 2020


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