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A caravanserai (/kærəˈvænsəˌraɪ/)   was a roadside inn where travelers (caravaners) could rest and recover from the day’s journey.

A Caravanserai supported the flow of commerce, information and people across the network of trade routes covering Asia, North Africa and Southeast Europe, especially along the Silk Road.

Caravanserai Partners wants to become this stop in the journey to help brands, licensors, licensees and manufacturers find the best way to keep traveling within the licensing industry.

Licensing means renting or leasing of an intangible asset. It is a process of creating and managing contracts between the owner of a brand and a company or individual who wants to use the brand in association with a product, for an agreed period of time, within an agreed territory. Licensing is used by brand owners to extend a trademark or character onto products of a completely different nature.

An arrangement to license a brand requires a licensing agreement. A licensing agreement authorizes a company which markets a product or service (a licensee) to lease or rent a brand from a brand owner who operates a licensing program (a licensor).

Caravanserai brings value to the whole process using its experience and know how.


Caravanserai is a team with more than 40 years of licensing, retail and marketing experience.


Caravanserai is the response to the challenging environment where licensing activity requires new strategies

New Skills

Caravanserai is a new approach to the licensing industry where new rules, new parameters and new tools have to be considered

Brand building

Caravanserai is a team of professionals that merges licensing and marketing within the scope of brand building


Our portfolio is the essence of our strategy.
Take a look at the brands and properties we represent



Le Petit Prince

Peter Rabbit

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