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An Authentic kid-venture


Nelly Jelly is a beloved children’s character and national brand hailing from Lithuania, designed to encourage kids to explore, get creative, and overcome life challenges with the help of a witty and fun character.


Nelly Jelly has rapidly grown from a book character to a household name. The character, Nelly Jelly (Kakė Makė in the original language), is a five-year-old girl, who rules a big universe, tames monsters, pirates, and gnomes, travels in her vast magical world, and finds all the needed solutions to her problems without leaving her home. The IP has sold 2.3M books and published over 100 different titles under the Kake Make name in the home market.


With a team of passionate individuals following global trends, the IP has expanded to multiple platforms, including books, theater plays, events, blockbuster animation movies, and more, providing educational and enjoyable content for young audiences.


Target: 3 to 7 kids


June 29, 2023


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