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Long before she met Popeye the Sailor Man, Olive Oyl was a star in her own right. A classic character with multi-generational appeal, Olive Oyl’s rich history and brand message of female empowerment and self-confidence are key elements to her enduring legacy. Like her boyfriend Popeye, she is who she is – and people love her for it!

On, Olive Oyl is fashion blogger, entertainment correspondent and yoga brand ambassador. No stranger to the runway, Olive Oyl has traveled the globe and worked with top class fashion brands, including Miss Sixty and Junk Food (United States), Mango and Women’Secret (Spain), Iceberg and Moschino (Italy) and she has her own fashion and accessory brands in Asia.

Strong-minded, confident, stylish and hip, Olive Oyl is a perfect fit for fashion and beauty brands. If you are looking for a character icon that is recognized and loved by generations of pop-culture fans and speaks to today’s fashionable women, look no further than Olive Oyl for success.


Target: Women 18+


January 19, 2020


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